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More than six years we design and produce worm press - screws and barrels for the processing of polymers. An extensive database of drawings and experience allow us to design and manufacture screws and barrels for extruders, thermoplastic injection machines, blowing machines or granulator production of any country in the world.

We can make a screw with a variable step variable diameter, barrier screw, twin conical screw, twin parallel screw and barrels for any type of screw. Perhaps the production of bimetallic screw and cylinder, screw and cylinder of a special heat-resistant or stainless steel for the processing of “sensitive” polymers -  glass-filled polyamide, fluorine plastic, etc.

Our equipment allows to manufacture screws and barrels in diameter from 16 to 200 millimeters, the ratio of length to diameter (L / D) from 15 to 40. The maximum length of the details of more than 5 meters.

The drawing of each screw is developed individually, taking into account the recycled material, finished product and the operating conditions. Screws and barrels for extrusion of polymers are usually made of steel 38X2MЮA (Russian standard) or DIN 4140 in compliance with the technological parameters of processing and nitriding surface to a depth of 0.8 mm. Hardness of the screw and the barrel in the range 870-1100 HV after nitriding. The surface of screw and the inner surface of the barrel after nitriding are polished.

If you have technical capabilities we can produce and other parts requiring high-precision metal-working - screw tips and “torpedo” (mixer) for the screw, die heads for extruders, rollers, calander shafts, corrugated walls, sending convoys, dorn, matrices and other elements snap.

It is possible to manufacture parts from stainless steel, special heat-resistant, corrosion-and wear-resistant steel, bimetal, reinforced and armored parts, covering the details of solid chrome.

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